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wL Email Encrypter 0.5.1

wL Email Encrypter 0.5.1 ist fertig. Dieses Update bringt eine neue Funktion.

Die Nachricht bei deaktiviertem JavaScript kann nun selbst bestimmt werden. (HTML ist erlaubt)

Im Anschluss daran habe ich die Options-Seite ein wenig überarbeitet und übersichtlicher gestaltet.

Außerdem habe ich die rudimentäre Update-Funktion entfernt.

Ich empfehle euch sehr, dieses Update zu installieren.

Solltet ihr Fehler finden oder Fragen haben, würde ich mich über einen Kommentar freuen.

Hier gehts zum Download.

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5 Antworten zu „wL Email Encrypter 0.5.1“

  1. Avatar von Dave

    Your plug in appears broken. This is what I get instead of a working link in print, not code. There is a mouse over underline, but the link doesn’t work.

    (Aktiviere JavaScript, um die Email-Adresse zu sehen) “ href=“mailto:n0kbd [ät] arrl [dot] net“ target=“_blank“>n0kbd [ät] arrl [dot] net

  2. Avatar von Dave

    I think I found the error in the html:

    “ href=“mailto:

    “ href
    should be

    I don’t know JS, so can edit it.

  3. Avatar von Art4

    Hello and thank you for your feedback.

    I have seen the error, but unfortunately I can not reproduce it.

    What settings do you use? Do you have auto link (in German: „Automatisch verlinken“) enabled?

    I have written a small patch. It would be very nice if you would install it and then send me again the source of the encrypted email. (Will start with „“)

    Here you can find the patch

    Installation instructions:
    Go in the Administration menu for plugins, deactivate the wl Email Encrypter and delete all files.
    Go to install (at the top of the plugin page) and choose „Upload from computer“ and select the file „wl-email-encrypt-0.5.1-r1.zip“ from your PC.

    I look forward to your reply.

    Thank you very much

  4. Avatar von Dave

    I tried your patch and it didn’t work, but there were changes. All details can be downloaded in a text file: http://mhc.n0kbd.com/docs/wLEmailEncrypter.txt

    I’ll also leave the results up on the blog as well: http://mhc.n0kbd.com/

  5. Avatar von Art4

    Thanks for your help. I have found the reasons for the failure.

    You have linked your emails like this:
    <a href=“email-adress“&gt>
    You have forgot the „mailto:“. Correct would be:
    <a href=“mailto:email-adress“ rel=“nofollow“>

    Therefore the plugin does not recognize the link. You need to correct this by hand first.
    The easiest way would be if you set the linked emails automatically by the plugin.

    A second reason is that you have set the <span> tag und <em> tag inside the <a> tag.
    If you have the <span> tag and the <em> tag out of the <a> tag it will work.

    Then you used in an email the Ø-mark. I’m not sure if this sign is allowed in email addresses. If this is a valid email address I have to customize the scan function.

    Then I found out that the plugin does not support attributes in the <a> tag. I have released an update that corrects this error.